Work at the plants nursery
Company nameSchoenmakers Group bv
CityHaaren, Elshout
Type of employment
  • Seizoenswerk

- General care of houseplants at the nursery
- Including watering, weeding
- Cutting with pen knife baby plants and potting by hand
- This activity has to be done very gently and carefully
- Preparing for shipment and quality control
- Job activities are in the greenhouse standing most of the time at assembly line


- Candidates have to be motivated to deliver good work
- Work must be done very gently and carefully
- Candidates have to be flexible and fast-learners
- Experience in the agricultural, gardening, arboriculture sector is preferred
- Because of the job activities female candidates are preferred
- Work experience with plants in the greenhouse is preferred
- Knowledge of English is required


- Employee can start at any moment, the employment contract is for 7 months or longer
- There is a 1 month trial period, we offer stable employment throughout the year
- Work is approximately around 40-50 hours spread over 5 days a week
- Employer provides the housing, employee costs are € 70,-per week inclusive (electricity, gas, water, WiFi)
Housing is located within the company, it is a completely furnished house. The rooms are single or double.
With other Employees you have to use the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.
- Health insurance is arranged by the Employer, employee costs are € 24,92 per week
- The salary is according to the Dutch (CAO) payment per hour gross € 10,24
- The employer offers 8 weeks of vacation per year

Company description

The flowers company is specialized in growing, planting and processing of many different types of houseplants.
The company is located in the province Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands. Housing is on the company’s premises,
so you don't have to travel to work.

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