Employee mushrooms picking- teamleader
Company name Champignoncultuur Kampsteeg BV
Sector Paddenstoelen/champignons
Province Limburg
City Melderslo
Type of employment
  • Vast

- Communication between the Employer and Employees
- Responsible for leading and planning Employees at the workflow
- Mushrooms picking


- Candidates have to be positive and motivated to deliver good work
- flexible and fast-learners and have to like to work in a team
- work for the whole year
- speaking English or German language is required!
- work exspirens teamleader mushrooms picking is required!


- Work is for a whole year, as soon as possible.
- Approximately around 45 hours spread over 6 days a week.
- The accommodation is located within 5 km distance from work, the costs are € 70,- per week, including (gas, elektra, water, internet).
- Helth insurance costs is € 20,02 per week.
- The salary is according to the Dutch statutory minimum wage, per hour gross € 8,96-

Company description

The mushrooms Company is located in the Provincie Limburg. It is a small family company hiring 10 Employees.

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Jobnumber 1756