Picking cherries - holiday job!
Company nameKersenbedrijf Strik-Basten
SectorZacht fruit (aardbeien/bessen/frambozen/kersen)
Type of employment
  • Seizoenswerk

- picking cherries
- sorting and packing cherries using sorting machine
- job activities are standing on the field and warehouse
- picking sorting and packing cherries are every day job, fresh cherries are prepared each day for delivery


- candidates have to be motivated to deliver good work
- work experience with agricultural sector is preferred
- is required from employee, to work very delicately with the cherry fruit so as not to damage it
- knowledge of English or German is required


- work starts from June till the end of August 2019
- work is approximately around 45 hours spread over 6 days a week: Mo-Fr 06:00-15:00, Sat-06:00-12.30
- depending on the weather working also on Sunday – occasionally
- Employer provides the accommodation, the costs is € 100,- per week, including (gas, elektra, water, wifi)
The housing is at the company property and is fully furnished. The housing offers space for 16 people.
There are 6 bedrooms, 4 toilets, 2 showers, a communal kitchen and living room.
- health insurance is arranged by the Employer € 21,14 for a week.
- the salary is according to the Dutch (CAO), payment per hour gross € 11,50- including holiday benefit

Company description

Our company grows sweet cherries on low trunk trees. The cherries are all protected against rain, hail and birds. Around 25 people work here in the summer. Company is located in province Gelderland in The Netherlands, work locations and accommodations are located in this region.

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