Picking apples and pears
Company nameMts. Smits
SectorHard fruit (appels/peren)

- Picking apples and pears
- Job activities are standing in the field
- Picked fruit is put in a container, which is pulled by a tractor
- The treetops are picked by using a small ladder
- On average 200 kg of fruit per hour is harvested


- Candidates have to be motivated to deliver good work
- It is required to gently collect apples and pears to not damage them
- Knowledge of English or German language is required
- Work experience in the agricultural sector is required
- Preferred are groups of people for example 4 persons to come to work together
- For groups that come to work together, it’s not required that all of them speak English or German only one person
- Because of the job activities good physical condition


- Work start from the end of August, the contract is for 4 to 6 weeks
- Work is 45-48 hours spread over 6 days a week, from 08:00 am till 18:00 pm, 2 breaks during the day
- On Saturday, work is half-day
- No work on Sundays
- Employer provides housing, the cost is for Employee € 75- for a week inclusive (electricity, gas, water)
The housing is in furnished living unit, located at the farm. In one living unit are staying 4 till 5 persons. There are 3 bedrooms, kitchen, shower and the toilet in one living unit.
- Health insurance is arranged by the Employer, the costs is for Employee € 23,73 per week
- The salary is according to the Dutch CAO, payment per hour gross € 10,21

Company description

The company has 40 hectares of apples and pears and is located in the Netherlands. At the company works 32 seasonal workers from Poland, Lithuania and the Netherlands.
It is very important for this company that there is a pleasant and nice atmosphere at work and between employees during the harvesting season.

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