Harvests apples and pears in the orchard
Company nameJ.W. van Sprang
SectorHard fruit (appels/peren)
Type of employment
  • Seizoenswerk

- Harvests of apples and pears
- The work is done manually on a standing position in the field
- Picked fruit is put in a container, which is pulled by a tractor
- The treetops are picked on the platform, or by using a small ladder
- Sometimes the fruit is picked in a basket that employee has to carry


- Candidates have to be motivated to deliver good work
- English or German language is required
- Employee has to work in in different weather conditions
- Work experience is not required
- Because of the job activities preferred is good physical condition


- Work start from 26 of August for the 4-week period
- Work is spread over 6 days a week about 54 hours per week, from 08:00 am to 18:00 pm.
- No work on Sunday
- Employer provides housing at the bungalow park, the cost is for Employee € 70- for a week inclusive (electricity, gas, water, internet)
There are houses for 6 people in 1 bungalow and 2 people in 1 bedroom. The bungalow is fully furnished and furthermore equipped with TV, internet, dishwasher, fridge, microwave, bathroom with shower, bath, toilet and washing machine.
- The bungalow park is approximately 25 minutes drive from the company
- Employer organizes transport to work free of charge
- Health insurance is arranged by the Employer, the costs is for Employee € 23,73- per week
- The salary is according to the Dutch (CAO), payment per hour gross € 10,21

Company description

The company has 12 hectares pears and 2 hectares apples and is located in the Netherlands. At the company works 40 seasonal workers. The harvest season must be done in about 4 weeks.
There is a pleasant working atmosphere at the company.

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