Harvests apples and pears
Company nameMts van Schaik Wellner
SectorHard fruit (appels/peren)
Type of employment
  • Seizoenswerk

- Harvests of apples and pears
- The work is done manually on a standing position in the field
- Picked fruit is put in a container, which is pulled by a tractor
- The treetops are picked by using a small ladder


- Candidates have to be motivated to deliver good work
- Candidates have to be serious and independent
- English language is required
- Employee has to work in in different weather conditions
- Work experience in the agricultural sector is preferred
- Because of the job activities preferred is an employee height about of 1.75 m
- Good behavior is required from the employee and during the stay


- Work start from 26 of August for the 8 - week period
- Work is spread over 6 days a week about 40 hours per week
- No work on Sunday, only if necessary
- Employer provides housing, the cost is for Employee € 70- for a week inclusive (electricity, gas, water, internet, tv)
The housing is at the company property and is fully furnished including washing machine, microwave, dishes. There are
bedrooms 4 or 8 people in one room, 2 toilets, 2 showers, a communal kitchen and living room.
- Transport to work is unnecessary because field with fruits is nearby the housing
- Employer organizes food during the work free of charge
- Health insurance is arranged by the Employer, the costs is for Employee € 21,14- per week
- The salary is according to the Dutch (CAO), payment per hour gross € 9,94

Company description

We have a family farm and we grow 20 hectares of apples and pears in the Netherlands. At the company works 24 seasonal workers. We expect from the employees to behavior well during the work and also at the housing so we can have a pleasant atmosphere at our farm together. We like cleanliness at our company.
Our company is located about 7 km from the village and the shops. Every Friday evening there is a possibility to go to the village and the shops with the employer. If you have your own car, you can go to shops every day after work.

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