Picking apples
Company nameVof Gebr. Van der Zandt
SectorHard fruit (appels/peren)
Type of employment
  • Seizoenswerk

- Picking apples
- Job activities are standing in the field
- Picked fruit is put in a container
- Work is done in groups of 4-5 people


- Candidates have to be positive and motivated to deliver good work
- Work experience in harvesting fruit is preferred, but not required
- Knowledge of the English language is preferred
- Employee has to work in in different weather conditions


- Work start from August 26th, the contract is for maximum 8 weeks
- Work is approximately 48 hours spread over 6 days a week, from 07:30 am till 17:30 pm
- No work on Sundays
- Employer provides housing, the cost is for Employee € 71- for a week inclusive (electricity, gas, water)
The housing is in living unit which is equipped with basic stuff. The unit consists of 3 sections. Each of these sections has
bedroom with 4 bunk beds for 8 persons.
Others living spaces are in the shed and have to be shared between employees.
- Health insurance is arranged by the Employer, the costs is for Employee € 21,14 per week
- The salary is according to the Dutch CAO, payment per hour gross € 9,94 ( 21 years or more)

Company description

The company has 36 ha of apples and 1 ha of pears. At the company works 35 seasonal workers. Have a look at our website or for an impression of the company.

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