Work at the flowers nursery
Company name Hospers Flofa
Province Drenthe
City zwartemeer

Planting and harvesting flowers at the flower nursery including: weeding, harvesting, washing and sorting, packaging. Planting and harvesting work is on the field and in the greenhouse. Varied work outside and inside. This seasonal job is a great opportunity for young people-students.


Candidates have to be positive and motivated to deliver good work, flexible and fast-learners and enjoy working outside. Experience in the agricultural, gardening, argoriculture sector and especially farming experience is preferred. Working experience at the flowers nursery is not nessersary. Abbility to communicate in English is not necessary .


Seasonal job, the period is from April till November 2017, approximately around 40-45 hours spread over 6 days a week. Health insurance € 20,02 per week is organized by Employer.
Employer also provides the accommodation. The cost are dependent on age/ weekly:
- 18 years 35 euro
- 19 years 40 euro
- 20 years 50 euro
- 21 years 60 euro
- 22+ 65 euro
including (gas, elektra, water, internet, furniture and transport to work).
The salary gross per hour 38h/weekly:
- 18 years €4,29
- 19 years €4,95
- 20 years €5,80
- 21 years €6,84
- 22 years €8,01
- 23+ €9,43

Company description

The flower company has many different types of summer flowers, arable crops and greenhouse. The flower company is located in the Provincie Drenthe, the Netherlands. Also the work locations and accomodations are located in this region.

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Jobnumber 929