Are you looking for a job in the agricultural sector in the Netherlands? You can find it here on Seasonalwork.NL. Dutch employers announce their job offers and seek contact with European candidates. See interesting vacancies directly from Dutch employers and useful information about working and living in the Netherlands.

Please be aware, the candidates with nationality outside the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland are not allowed to work in the Netherlands without a work permit. Dutch government isn’t willing to give those work permits. For this reason the employer can’t hire you.

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Smiley faceHarvest of asparagus, strawberries and weeding pumpkin in the field
19-03-2019, Limburg

Smiley facePicking Blueberries in Germany
13-03-2019, Limburg

Smiley faceFlowers harvesting in the tunnels and open field
13-03-2019, Gelderland

Smiley facePicking strawberries in the open field, holiday job!
11-03-2019, Noord-Brabant

Smiley facePicking strawberries in the greenhouse
11-03-2019, Noord-Brabant

Smiley faceCleaning employee at the campground
08-03-2019, Gelderland

Smiley facePicking strawberries
01-03-2019, Noord-Brabant

Smiley faceWork at the tree nursery
01-03-2019, Gelderland

Smiley faceHarvesting asparagus
25-02-2019, Limburg

Smiley faceCultivation and picking strawberries, raspberries and leek
18-02-2019, Noord-Brabant

Smiley facePruning fruit trees, apples and pears
18-02-2019, Zeeland

Smiley faceEmployee flowers harvesting
08-02-2019, Zuid-Holland

Smiley facePicking strawberries and harvesting rhubarb in the field
08-02-2019, Noord-Brabant

Smiley faceHarvesting red currants
06-02-2019, Gelderland

Smiley faceHarvesting of cucumber in greenhouse
05-02-2019, Zuid-Holland

Smiley faceHarvesting asparagus
25-01-2019, Noord-Brabant

Smiley faceEmployee harvesting and packing vegetables
16-11-2018, Flevoland